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Assisting all clients with the proper solutions to protect and manage.

Emphasis on assisting the clients with IT architecture and product decisions. Includes technology requirements utilizing LAN and WAN connective solutions. This includes Campus LAN, Data Center Optimization and Hybrid environments. Implementation and provisioning of Virtualization and Cloud Based solutions drive efficiencies throughout the network.


aXcelerate Networks family of clients span several industries. Our robust technology solutions allow them to progress with their tailored digital transformation.

Whether a clinic or private practice we will work with you on delivery of a fully integrated solution. This gives your medical personnel and administrative staff the technology efficiency to compliment the patient's experience and to deliver optimum care.


aXcelerate provides innovative solutions for federal, state and local government agencies as well higher education institutions. We understand the overwhelming need to integrate data security, policy enforcement, tracking and reporting capabilities for Public Sector agencies.

aXcelerate solutions delivers highly scalable storage technologies & dependable security systems. This give financial providers the ability perform a complicated balancing act, providing quality transactional services, assuring personal confidentiality, reducing transactional errors and complying with a slew of government regulations.  

Technology adoption in manufacturing streamlines the entire manufacturing process, as well as the end product. Improved efficiency of the plant in terms of enhances productivity and reduces cost.


Technology clients demand an optimized network throughout their entire organization. Businesses that deliver technology solutions require a robust and scalable network design that allows for growth and operational changes alike.

aXcelerate Networks provides solid infrastructure to support an array of complex biological research and data analytics. This approach requires high speed data processing and mass amounts of data retention, the technology needs of these companies are about speeds and reliability without sacrificing security and compliance.



490 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112